please bless me babaji before all my dreams get shattered


sai babaji what should i do babaji. on one hand i am facing a break off with himanshu after being in a love relation for more than 8 years. babaji i wanted to settle with him.all these years i prayed for our togetherness but when time came to marry each other he parted from me. babaji i love him with all my soul. to me he was my world and he still is. 8 years i didnt do anything but loving him.
 babaji my parents want me to get married. they are right on their part. i am 27 and will be 28 soon. my papa is a heart mother cries for me. she is too worried about me. papa keeps thinking about me. if i get married to someone else my soul would die. all my dreams will be shattered. i'll be a dead person.i'll never be able to accept anyone else as my life partner now. that person will also be at trouble because of would be wrong to him. if i compromise at the first step of my marrige i dont think i will be able to take it further.for my parents i can give up my happiness but i know they will not be happy when i'll die at every moment with someone else.

 if i dont marry and wait for my love to return my parents would die.dont even know he will ever come back or not? being eldest daughter i cant lave my house. babaji u know everything.u know my anxiety.
himanshu says he loves me alot but cant marry me. he has become as hard as a stone. he was ready to marry me but everything went wrong this august.he says even god cant change his mind. babaji my soul dies even if i think of someone else.. i am totally shattered babaji. should i suicide or wait. i beg for forgiveness for my wrong deeds. please forgive me sai baba. punish me in any other way but please dont seperate me with himanshu. please make him come to me and marry me. thats my only wish in life.
please bless me babaji either for death or for my inner happiness lies in my being married to himanshu.this will save me him and our parents.i cant explain in words babaji
babaji please bless before i gets late.
om sai ram
om sai ram

Sai Baba
please answer my prayers soon. i am feeling too low lonely depressed and shattered these days. my parents are mentally weak and they are too disturbed because of the circumstances. babaji my father never forgets to light diya twice everyday. he is a kindhearted person. he is mentally depressed as his  daughter me is not able to get married.please bless him
babaji u know our past present and future better than us. u recognise mine and my family's problem. please help us Sai baba and bless us.
you are our only hope sai baba. You are our mother and father. like a mother dont you want to see us happy for the rest of our lives. dont you want to see me,your daughter, dressed as a bride getting marrid with the love of my life and coming for your darshan with a father dont you want to see me happy by heart.
Babaji i beg you for my marrige with himanshu as soon as possible.
please bless us all Sai babaji.
i request you to forgive me and my family if ever we have done anything wrong to someone knowingly or unknowingly.
We are waiting for your blessings Sai baba.


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